Monday, October 5, 2015

What I Ate: Chicken Bibimbap

Bibimbap is a staple meal in our house. It used to be somewhat of a production to make, mostly because there are so many various ingredients that can be added in, but I think I've got a system down that is pretty efficient and works really well.

First of all, you've got to get rice going and then you've got to set up your serving dishes. I grab three (for my family) and get them ready, assembly line style. After that, you really only need one pan. That same pan gets used to cook through each element. I heat it up over medium and add in a little oil (about a tablespoon of avocado oil and a few drops of sesame oil) and then I toss in the first vegetable. After that's cooked through, I divide it amongst the serving dishes. Then, I add in a little more oil and cook the second. And that continues until I've gone through all of the (cooked) vegetables.

In between cooking the vegetables, I also work on chopping up raw veggies for the bowls. I like raw carrot, raw cucumber, and usually some sort of lettuce-y element, whether it's spinach, red leaf lettuce, or perilla leaves.

After the vegetables are done, I add a little more oil, some garlic, some ginger, and onion, if I'm feeling cheeky. Then, in goes ground meat (chicken, beef, turkey, pork, whatever your preference; tofu works too). That gets broken up and cooked halfway through. Then, I add in some soy sauce, a little brown sugar, and black pepper. The meat finishes cooking with the seasonings and then it's added to the serving dishes.

I chop up a few raw vegetables, toss in some julienned radish kimchi, and then scoop on some rice. After that, I fry up an egg to top off each bowl, whip up a little spicy sauce, and it's time to serve.

Friday, October 2, 2015

What I Ate: Farfalle Carbonara

So maybe a month or so ago, we finally ripped into our vacuum-sealed parmigiano that we smuggled in from Italy back in April. It's been amazing grating it onto various pastas and salads. It's super nutty and salty and it's got the perfect amount of cheesy pungency. It makes me miss Italy so much.

I wanted to put the cheese to a more aggressive use so I made carbonara using farfalle and it was amazing. It was delicious the first day but it also made crazy delicious leftovers.
I added some peas and scallions for color (and flavor) and I thought it was such a pretty dish.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chocolate Pizza

Every few months when the seasons change, I always feel like I'm experiencing it for the first time. So, in the recent weeks as we were transitioning from summer into autumn, it's felt really surreal. All of a sudden, it's gotten to be pitch black outside when my alarm goes off. I'm greeted with a chill when I let the dog out to do his business in the morning. I'm craving soups and stews. These changes, for some reason, feel so foreign, as if I've never experienced them before.

But, my favorite "new" thing is that I can turn on the oven without feeling guilty about wasting the air conditioning because it's cool enough that we don't need that sucker anymore.  I've mostly been snacking on fruit and s'mores as an after dinner treat; basically only summer-themed desserts for the past two months. But, after what's felt like years of not using an oven, I finally fired it up again to make this decadent dessert of chocolate pizza.

Inspired by Max Brenner's, I took a literal pizza crust and topped it with sugary ingredients 
This isn't a full-blown recipe post because honestly, it's friggin' easy and you can customize it with whatever you like. However, you can scroll down to the bottom for my quick pizza dough recipe page.
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